La casa editrice

TEA, Tascabili degli Editori Associati S.p.A., was established in 1987 by Mario Spagnol (Longanesi & C.), Gianni Merlini (UTET) and Luciano Mauri (Messaggerie Italiane), following the model of other famous european paperback imprints.
Its production is mainly made of paperback edition of books published by other publishing houses, such as Corbaccio, Garzanti, Guanda, Longanesi, Ponte alle Grazie, Nord, Salani.

After a few years, TEA began to publish originals too, mostly popular fiction, how-to books, and true stories, in order to offer to readers the widest possible choice.In ditori 2005, following an agreement between the Mauri and Spagnol families, a new holding company named Gruppo ditorial Mauri Spagnol (GeMS) was founded and TEA became part of it.

The shareholders of GeMS are Messaggerie Italiane, the Spagnol family and Andrea Micheli. Stefano Mauri and Luigi Spagnol have been appointed respectively President and CEO, and CEO of the company.Now TEA’s catalogue is divided into more than 30 series (13 of which still running) with more than 1.700 titles in print. Every year new titles are about 200 and 350 the reruns, with more than 2.500.000 copies sold yearly.

President: Stefano Mauri
Managing director: Marco Tarò
Distribution: Messaggerie Libri
Promotion: Pro Libro